I am a 21 year old black queer woman living and attending school in Atlanta, GA.

I started writing poems and journaling seriously late November 2016 after many years of neglecting it.

Writing is healing for me. It is a medium to manifest the reality I desire.

I study black studies + gender, womyn’s & sexuality studies.

I plan on earning my PhD in social and/or positive psychology and black studies.

I want to focus on the experiences of those who live in the margins and shadows. I want to do sex, gender identity, and sexuality research. I also want to conduct research on social interactions and how they have changed over time (especially with the internet).

I plan on doing as much as I possibly can in this life.

A few things are:

  • becoming a renowned professor of social sciences and the humanities
  • becoming a New York Times Best Selling Author
  • becoming a distinguished poet
  • becoming a world traveling landscape, city-scape and story-telling photographer
  • becoming a marriage and family therapist
  • becoming a sexologist

I want to inspire people to lead their best lives.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy, beautiful life to experience my pain, joy, daydreams and everything in between. It means a lot to me.

Remember to be your most authentic self.

Remember to believe in miracles, because you are one.

Much love,

Keamber Pearson

aka kalm insanity


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