i am fantasizing about

a woman

not yet tangible to me.

i imagine that she will smell of

honey, shea butter

and essential oils.

she’ll have the warmth of fall

and the cool of fall.

she will feel like the

cultivation of harvest

after drought and famine.

she will be very familiar

from many lifetimes ago

and out of sight

like the future.

her love will make me

want to tap into


to see light years

ahead of right now

just to make sure

she’s there.

and i dont know if a love affair will last forever

but the combustion of

cosmic miracles

that is she and i

will emit embers

of what we shared

into eternity.

and those embers and stardust

will dance around in my mind

and the universe until

all we have

is time for time,

because we cant tell how many years have passed

or what years even are anymore

because we made time stand still

in awe of our love.

we will remember

how we felt,

how we sparked,

how we shined,

and illuminated our light bodies

and soothed one another’s souls.

i dont know if a love can last forever,

but we can certainly try.



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